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Message from Founder and managing editor

Hello Everyone,


This is our endeavor to promote Indian/Marathi Culture and Festivals. This website is in English with some articles or posts in Marathi. I sincerely hope that it will be useful to people of Indian origin, particularly Marathi speaking who were born and brought up outside of India or moved from India at a young age and whoever wants to know and enjoy Indian culture and festivals. 


I welcome everyone who wants to know about Indian culture and festivals to read and enjoy this site. I believe that promoting any culture is a social service to bring people together, when you study other cultures, you connect with people of different backgrounds and share knowledge and understand each other.


Indian culture has values based on universal principles and hence I feel we need to nurture it so not only we can follow it ourselves but also pass it along to the next generation. Plus it could be a refresher for the people who enjoyed these festivals and rituals back in India.


All festivals have some underlying important value along with subtle messages relevant to the current era. They also have some interesting legends behind it. With this effort I hope to encourage and motivate the younger generation to celebrate and enjoy Marathi traditions and festivals. I had the privilege to write about our festivals for various news media like Jai Maharashtra , India West, Sramana .


This site is also a global platform to showcase talent. Readers send articles, recipes and share festival celebration pictures as well. We have recently launched an initiative "Helping Hands" to encourage people to step up to contribute to global welfare. I have a team of advisers and volunteers who spare their valuable time to help me out with this initiative.

This initiative is registered as non profit organization under MCF Foundation and donations are tax deductible in USA. Please contact mcfplatform@gmail.com 



Shashi Panat, Sharad Dandekar , Shrinivas Mate, Madhav Kale , Nanda Marathe, Shobha Daniell, Shrinivas Mate 

If you would like to send me any article or any related material, or you would like to be a  sponsor, please do so or contact me.

Keep celebrating! 


Aishwarya Kokatay


Founder and Managing editor