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Dasara / Vijayadashmi

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Friday October 15, 2021 All Day

Dasara: Dassehra Symbolize the victory of good over evil. There is a tradition to Worship all your machineries vehicles pen etc. Families get together and exchange Shammi leaves. Dasara is also one of the Good muhurt where you can perform any mangal karya without referring to panchang.

How to celebrate?

1. Worship vehicles and machinery this day to remind ourselves of them

Importance in our day to day lives.

2. Also do " sharada pujan" of books, this is also called saraswati pujan

3. Make any sweet dish and offer to God.

4. There is tradition to kill ravan in some households. Take rice in a plate and

and make a human figure symbol with it, now hide a gold ring in the stomach

area with more rice. Now ask men of the house to kill this ravan [ spread the rice

with a knife] and obtain gold ring this denotes auspicious gold.

Take blessings of elderly people among friends and family.

The legend:

According to the epic, Lord Rama along with his brother Laxman and

trusted aid Hanuman, attacked the demon king Ravana and a great battle ensued for ten days. On the tenth day,

Lord Rama killed the ten headed Ravana and rescued his wife Devi Sita,

Since then, Dussehra is believed to be celebrated on that day till date.

The word Dussehra, in itself, denotes as Dasha Hara,

which means cutting of ten heads of the demon Ravana.

Therefore, the day is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil.

Another interesting legend and importance of shammi tree and its leaves:

Another interesting legend associated with the origin of Dussehra

is related to Mahabharata. According to this Pandavas were defeated in

gambling by the Kauravas, they were served with the punishment of 12 years of banishment

and one year of living in disguise by the winners. For 12 years,

the Pandavas lived in forests but for the final year, they

had to conceal themselves from all their divine and powerful


Therefore, the Pandavas hid their weapons under a Shami tree,

which was located near their residence. Although Kauravas made

great efforts to find Pandavas in the final year of their concealment

so that another exile of 12 years could be levied on them,

but were unsuccessful in doing so. As soon as the period of

disguise was over, the Pandavas went to the Shami tree and

retrieved their weapons after worshipping the Shami tree and the

sacred weapons. It is believed that this happened on the day of Dashmi.

Hence, this day came to be known as Vijayadashmi, since Pandavas

were triumphant in completing their exile. Since then, people hug

each other under the Shami tree and exchange its

leaves on Dussehra.

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