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Pandurang Sadashiv Sane, known as Sane Guruji(24/12/1899 to 11/06/1950) to his followers, was a famous Marathi author and social activist. He was born in a town palghad in Ratnagiri district konkan region of rural Maharashtra. He also had a younger brother. Despite poor financial conditions he completed his B.A.

His father was a freedom fighter. Sane Guruji was also very much influenced by his mother. He graduated with a degree in Marathi and Sanskrit and earned a Master's degree in Philosophy, later joining the teaching profession. He chose to teach in the rural schools, foregoing a perhaps larger salary he could have earned by teaching wealthier students. He also worked as a Hostel warden. Sane Guruji was an incredibly gifted orator, captivating audiences with his impassioned speeches on civil rights and justice. While in school he published a magazine named "Vidyarthi (विद्यार्थी)" which was very popular among the students. He inculcated cultural and moral values in the student community.

After the Dandi March conducted by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930, he resigned as a teacher and joined the nationalist movement. He was imprisoned by the British in the Dhule Jail for more than 15 months for his work in the Quit India Movement. Sane Guruji recognized the importance of the movement, and worked tirelessly for independence, often closely with Mahatma Gandhi himself. Vinoba Bhave was also in the same jail where Sane Guruji was imprisoned. He used to deliver a lecture on the Bhagvad Geeta on each Sunday morning. Sane Guruji took notes and wrote the famous book "Geeta Pravachane (गीता प्रवचने)".

In Tiruchi Jail he learned Tamil and Bengali. He recognised the importance of learning Indian languages particularly in the context of the problem of national integration and started the AntarBharati (आंतरभारती) movement.

He has about 73 books to his credit. His famous works in Marathi literature include Shyamchi Aai (Shyam's mother) श्यामची आई, Dhadapadanari Mule (Struggling Children) धडपडणारी मुले & Shyam श्याम.

Dalits (untouchables) were not allowed then to enter temples and worship. Sane Guruji called a fast unto death to let Dalits worship in temples. Unfortunately, he perished in his attempt to right the wrongs of the caste system in India. Sane Guruji became incredibly disillusioned with Indian societial rigidities by the time of his death. A street in Mumbai has since been named in his honor, and an Indian stamp has been created bearing his portrait.

A beautiful national memorial in the name of Sane Guruji is built at Vadghar Taluka Mangoan, district Raigad, Maharashtra. It is being developed as a camping ground for students since 2001. Also a Trslation Center is developed at the project site to provide resources to Translators. The translators are translating books from various India languages to another, thus fulfilling 'Aantarbharati' dream of Late Sane Guruji.