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Diwali Digital Magazine 2021

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Watch Diwali Digital Magazine 2021 Publication Program

Marathi Culture and Festivals Foundation (MCF) invites you to attend a program to publish this year’s Diwali digital magazine 2021. This is a free initiative to provide a Global platform to writers and artists. This year our cover story is in Marathi “ Pingulichi Chitrakathi” means storytelling art using drawings, paintings and puppetry. We will get to know about this ancient art which existed from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s time. Shri Parshuram Gangavne and his family is the only one who is preserving this art. Shri Gangavane has been awarded Padma Shri this year.

मराठी कल्चर अँड फेस्टिवल्स फौंडेशन तर्फे दिवाळी अंक २०२१ प्रकाशन निमित्य हा प्रोग्रॅम नक्कीच बघा. ह्या वर्षीची अग्र कथा “पिंगुळीची चित्रकथी” अशी आहे. हि कला अगदी शिवाजी महाराजांच्या काळा पासून चालत आलेली आहे. तेव्हा ह्या कलेबद्दल माहिती आणि, हि कला जोपासणारं भारतात गंगावणे हे एकमात्र कुटुंब आहे, श्री परशुराम गंगावणे ह्यांना २०२१ चा पदमश्री सम्मान मिळाला आहे. त्यांची ओळख आणि त्यांचा एक चित्रकथी आणि कळसूत्री भावल्यांचा कार्यक्रम आपण बघणार आहोत, शिवाय आणखी काही गाणी, ह्या अंकात काय काय आहे आणि आमच्या टीम ची ओळख असं सगळं आहे. तुम्ही सर्व हा कार्यक्रम नक्कीच बघावा आणि आम्हा सर्वांना प्रोत्साहन द्यावं हि विनंती.

An Essay I wrote for The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry last year. Read and give your feedback, especially on how India can do better? your ideas and thoughts. 

Aishwarya Kokatay 

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Happy Women's Day March 8

Let’s meet these incredible women who broke the mold to become lawyers, policy makers, Marathi language advocate, scientists, engineers, philanthropic workers and are an inspiration to us!  Happy International Women’s Day! 

Here is the YouTube link, If you would like to watch and share:

जागतिक महिलादिन निमित्य मराठीसंस्कृती.भारत तुमची ओळख करून देत आहे काही अमेरिकेतल्या मराठी महिलांची  ज्यांनी विविध क्षेत्रात उत्कृष्ट कार्य केलं आहे आणि त्या प्रेरणा-स्तोत्र बनल्या आहेत. महिला दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा ! 

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Diwali Magazine 2020
दिवाळी अंक 2020

Diwali greetings to everyone! Enjoy this Diwali magazine 2020. This is a Global magazine published for marathicultureandfestivals.com website, this is the sixth issue, and each year we get a variety of articles on various subjects. The content is received from all over the world. This magazine includes English and Marathi articles, Kids section and recipes. Very unique and high quality content. Please do read and share with your friends and family in this festive season and do not forget to send your feedback. It's free to read online on the website and It is now  available on Bookganga. 
Here it the link: Read on Bookganga 
Happy to share that our 2018 issue was an award winning magazine.
I invite all of you on behalf of my team to participate in our next edition. If you wish to get a printed copy of the magazine, please let me know and I will get back to you as we only print on demand. 
I wish you and your family a fantastic Diwali season and an exciting new year ahead.
We have uploaded the publication day event on YouTube, attaching the link here.
दिवाळी च्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा! ह्या दिवाळीत आम्ही तुम्हाला देत आहोत एक अविस्मरणीय दिवाळी अंक २०२०. हा अंक जागतिक आहे, ह्यात आम्हाला विभिन्न देशाच्या मराठी समाजाकडून साहित्य लाभलं आहे. ह्यात इंग्रजी आणि मराठी दोन्ही भाषा वापरल्या गेल्या आहेत. ललित कला, काव्य, अनुभव, भटकंती अशा एकापेक्षा एक भन्नाट विषयांचा हां साहित्य फराळ मुद्दाम वाचावा आणि आपल्या मित्र मैत्रिणींना त्याची लिंक पाठवून आनंद द्यावा.
यंदाची दिवाळी या सर्वांग सुंदर ई दिवाळी अंकाच्या सोबत साजरी करुया. चला तर मग या साहित्य फराळाला. आणि आम्हाला कळवायला विसरु नका हं कसा झालाय आपला ई दिवाळी अंक. आपण कुठलंही कार्य करतो आणि ते जेंव्हा लोकांपर्यंत पोहोचून त्यावर शाबासकीची थाप मिळते तेव्हा उत्साह आणि द्विगुणीत होतो, आमच्या २०१८ च्या  अंकाला मराठी वृत्तपत्र संघ मुंबई ह्या संस्थेकडून "उत्कृष्ट अंक" असा पुरस्कार मिळाला आहे, शिवाय बृहन महाराष्ट्र मंडळ नॉर्थ अमेरिका च्या मागच्या अधिवेशनात ह्या दिवाळी अंक बद्दल माहिती त्यांच्या स्मरणिकेत सामील करण्याची आम्हाला संधी मिलाळी. 
हा अंक वेबसाईट  वर मोफत वाचू शकता, लिंक दिली आहे, शिवाय बुकगंगा वर सुद्धा लवकरच उपलब्ध आहे . तुम्हाला ह्या अंकाची छापील प्रत / आवृत्ती हवी असल्यास आम्हाला कळवावे आमचा इमेल ankdiwali@gmail.com

दिवाळीच्या तुम्हाला व तुमच्या कुटूंबियांना हार्दिक शुभेच्छा कळावे     

Diwali Magazine 2020
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Diwali Magazine 2020
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Diwali Magazine 2018 Won Award 
दिवाळी अंक २०१८ ला पुरस्कार 

Diwali Digital Magazine 2018
दिवाळी डिजिटल अंक २०१८

Now Available on Bookganga

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Happy Dasara to all MCF [ Marathi Culture and Festivals ] readers! Here is our fourth Digital Magazine! Enjoy reading in this festive season and please do not forget to send us your feedback.

The magazine is free to read online, but if you want to download, it will soon be available on Bookganga.com for a nominal price. If you want a print copy of this magazine, please email us at ankdiwali@gmail.com. We charge actual printing cost and mail you.

Happy Dasara and best wishes for upcoming Diwali season!

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Other Pages

Exclusive    एक्स्क्लूसिव

Bal Gangadhar Tilak Jayanti  July 23

Bal Gangadhar Tilak born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak (23 July 1856 – 1 August 1920), was an Indian nationalist, journalist, teacher, social reformer, lawyer and an independence activist who was the first popular leader of the Indian Independence Movement. The British colonial authorities called him "Father of the Indian unrest". He was also conferred with the honorary title of "Lokmanya", which literally means "Accepted by the people.

Tilak was one of the first and strongest advocates of "Swaraj" स्वराज (self-rule) and a strong radical in Indian consciousness. His famous quote, "Swaraj स्वराज is my birthright, and I shall have it!" is well-remembered in India even today.

He introduced sarvajanik Ganeshotsav सार्वजनिक गणेशोत्सव in Maharashtra State to bring community together and to stimulate social interaction.

बाळ गंगाधर टिळक (जुलै २३,इ.स. १८५६ - ऑगस्ट १, इ.स. १९२०) हे भारतीय स्वातंत्र्यलढ्यातील अग्रगण्य राजकीय पुढारी, भारताच्या स्वातंत्र्यलढयाचे आद्य प्रवर्तक, भारतीय असंतोषाचे जनक, गणितज्ञ, खगोलतज्ञ, राजकीय तत्त्वज्ञ, पत्रकार, संपादक, लेखक, वक्ते आणि स्वातंत्र्यसेनानी होते. लोकमान्य या उपाधीने त्यांचा उल्लेख केला जातो.

हिंदूंमध्ये घरांघरांत गणेशोत्सव अनेक शतकांपासून साजरा केला जात असे. परंतु हिंदुस्थाना मध्ये गणेशोत्सव घरोघरी साजरा केला जात असला तरी त्यास सार्वजनिक स्वरुप कधीच नव्हते, आम्ही सामाजिक दृष्ट्या एकत्र यावं, या साठी टिळकांनी सार्वजनिक गणेशोत्सवाची संकल्पना मांडून ती यशस्वी करून दाखवली. टिळक म्हणत, देवा-धर्माच्या नावाखाली लोक एकत्र येतात ना तर हरकत नाही, आणि अशाप्रकारे लोकांना प्रथम एकत्र करून मग त्यांना आपण स्वातंत्र्य मिळवण्यासाठी प्रेरणा देऊ शकतो. आणि अशाप्रकारे लोकांना एकत्र करून टिळकांनी त्यांना इंग्रजी सत्तेविरूद्ध उद्युक्त करायला सुरूवात केली. आणि त्याची परिणीती म्हणून सर्वसामान्य जनतेत इंग्रजी सत्ते विषयी राग निर्माण झाला.

Image source: See page for author [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

From Jan 1, 2020 through Feb 1, 2020 Yoga Bharati is having 'Sun Salutation Marathon'. Please take part in this and stay healthy!
Surya Namaskar Practice
Surya Namaskar is a unique practice, which gives the benefits of sthula (gross) as well as suksma (subtle) vyayam (exercises). Any able-bodied person aged from 8-80 years can perform this practice. This practice is beneficial for students and children in growing age.
Benefits of Surya Namaskar:
Surya Namaskar helps:
  • Achieve healthy and efficient body, balanced state of mind
  • Enhance work efficiency thru concentration, alertness, memory development and emotional control
  • Tones up the functioning of various systems in the body, such as sensory, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, muscular and nervous system.
  • Bija Mantras chanted while performing the namaskar routine generate minute vibrations in the body correcting the functioning of exocrine and endocrine systems of glands.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Surya Namaskar

    • Must be performed with empty-stomach
    • Should be performed with full awareness
    • Preferable to do this exercise in open, fresh air
    • Can be performed individually as well as in the group
    • Perform on a clean mat
    • Desirable to maintain 30 minutes gap for taking bath before or after the practice


    • Women may avoid the practice during menstruation period.
    • Pregnant women should avoid this practice.
    • People suffering from hernia, spinal disorders, high BP should practice after consulting the doctor as well as competent yoga instructor

    Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before practicing Yoga and Surya Namaskar                                                                                                                                                Attached: 

    1. Daily log for Sun Salutation Practice to class participants 
    2. 'Reference charts (two files)'
    3. Please send the log to  sharadmd2001@yahoo.com

Sambhaji Bhosale : An Extraordinary King

(14 May 1657 – 11 March 1689) was the eldest son of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire, and his first wife Saibai. He was successor of the realm after his father's death.

Born: May 14, 1657, Purandar fort, India

Died: March 11, 1689, Tulapur, India

Parents: Shivaji, Sai Bhosale

Siblings: Rajaram Chhatrapati     Read More:

Picture Source: By मालोजीराव (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Jyotine Tejachi Arti
ज्योतीने तेजाची आरती 

Sudhir Phake and G.D. Madgulkar Birth Centennial Celebration in Los Angeles

Maharastra Mandal of Los Angeles celebrated lives of Sudhir Phadke [ Babuji] and G.D. Madgulkar [GaDiMa] as 2019 is the birth-centennial year for both. The program highlighted the work of both these giants in the realms of vocal music and poetry respectively. As the world-wide Marathi diaspora celebrates the birth-centennial of the duo, MMLA joined the wagon with a program conceived and directed by Dr. Gopal Marathe of Los Angeles.  Read More:

Marathi Rangbhumi Din Nov.05/2014
मराठी रंगभूमी दिन नोव्हेंबर ०५/२०१४ 

An Interview with Wonder woman 
Anima-Patil Sable, California

Anima Patil-Sabale is a Scientist-Astronaut Candidate (Commercial Space Projects) and a Software and Aerospace Engineer. Anima is a wonder woman who works for NASA and is a pilot, scuba-diver, NASA Speaker, NASA Girls Mentor, Boy Scout’s Assistant Scout Master, STEM advocate, NASA Astronaut Aspirant, Artist, Singer, Dancer, Performer, all this and more! What a personality, Anima sure is an inspiration to Marathi ladies (or anyone really) out there who want to think out of the box and peruse their dreams.

सेन रमोन केलिफोर्निया ची मराठमोळी नार अनिमा -पाटील साबळे आता भरारी घेणार अंतरिक्षात ! एक आई , बायको , मुलगी सुन आणि वैज्ञानिक हे सगळं कसं साधता आले ? आपण त्यांच्या कडूनच जाणून घेऊया. Read More

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur
(26th June 1874 to 6th May 1922)

The first Maharaja of the Indian princely state of Kolhapur between 1884 and 1922.  The most popular Maratha King with a revolutionary vision. He was a social reformer to work for rural and low-caste indigent by providing them free education along with hostel facility in Kolhapur state.

Read More:

Image Source : By Unknown photographer (The British Library) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Suresh Bhat Death anniversary March 14

(सुरेश भट; April 15, 1932 – March 14, 2003) was a noted Marathi poet from the state of Maharashtra, India. He was known as Ghazal Samrat  for his exposition of the ghazal form of poetry and its adaptation to the Marathi language.

Picture Source: http://www.sureshbhat.in/

Bhat published his first collection of poems, Roopgandha in 1961. In 1974, he published his second collection, Ranga maazhaa wegalaa and in 1983 he self-published a collection named Elgaar. Other collections of his poems include Zanjhaavaat and Saptaranga

Roopgandha and Ranga maazhaa wegalaa were the recipients of the state literary awards sponsored by the Government of Maharashtra in their respective years of publication. Ranga maazhaa wegalaa was later taught in three universities in Maharashtra for the Master of Arts course in Marathi.

Bhat's best-known verses gained popularity after they were set to music by Hridaynath Mangeshkar, and were sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. To name a few are: Tarun ahe ratra ajuni , तरुण आहे रात्र अजुनी sunya sunya maifilit mazya सुन्या सुन्या मैफिलीत माझ्या

Bhat's poem 'Maayboli' was composed by music director Kaushal Inamdar as the Marathi Abhimaangeet as a mega song featuring more than 450 singers.

List of poetry collections

Roopgandha (रूपगंधा)

Ranga maazhaa vegalaa [ रंग माझा वेगळा]

Elgaar [एल्गार]

Zanjhaavaat [झंझावात]

Saptaranga [सप्‍तरंग]

Rasvanticha Mujara [सप्‍तरंग]

C. Ramchandra
Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar was a renowned music composer in the movie industry of India. In the composer's role, he mostly used the name C. Ramachandra, though he also used the names Annasaheb, Ram Chitalkar, and Shyamoo. 
Born: January 12, 1918, Puntamba
Died: January 5, 1982, Mumbai, India

Read an informative article on his work as we celebrate his birth month by: Jayant Kulkarni, New jersey 

Gajanan Digambar Madgulkar (October 1, 1919–December 14, 1977) was an Indian poet, lyricist, play-writer, actor and orator. Ga Di Ma, as he was popularly known, was the leading name in Marathi literature and one of the great modern poets of Maharashtra.

Ga Di Ma successfully tried his hands in many stream of literature, including poetry, stories, epics, novels, autobiographies and lyrics. He has almost 30 acclaimed works across these categories. The subjects covered by him in his creations are just as varied.

Ga Di Ma was equally proficient in Hindi. He first entered the world of films in March 1938 at Kolhapur. His pen contributed to as many as 157 Marathi and 23 Hindi films. It was Ga Di Ma who penned the story and dialogue for V. Shantaram's film Do Ankhen Barah Haath, which won recognition at international film festivals.

He is especially admired for having written Geet Ramayan, a collection of 56 verses encompassing the entire epic of Ramayana. It earned him the title of "Modern Valmiki". The music was composed by Sudhir Phadke


Image Source : http://www.aathavanitli-gani.com/Geetkar/Ga_Di_Madgulkar

Information Source: http://www.gadima.com/main/index.php

Devotional Singers group from Konkan;

 Devotional songs means a music composition sung to generate positive energy and to get blessings of God."  

Konkan or the Konkan Coast is a rugged section of the western coastline of India.

Read more

वेडा रे वेडा रे वेडा पंढरी...बुवा श्री अरविंद जाभवडेकर

Navdurga Prasadik Bhajan mandal Kinjavade 

( Ghadi Wadi )

 Marathi actor Shri. Shyam Ponkshe who acted in many serials and dramas passed away recently...his famous play was 
Eka Lagnachi Goshta  with Prashant Damle. Read this article written by his close friend Atul Parchure about his memories with him.


Pandurang Sadashiv Sane, known as Sane Guruji(24/12/1899 to 11/06/1950) to his followers, was a famous Marathi author and social activist. He was born in a town palghat in Ratnagiri district konkan region of rural Maharashtra. He also had a younger brother. 

Read more

Picture Source

Bhalji Pendharkar punyatithi Nov. 26
  भालजी पेंढारकर पुण्यतिथी नोव्हेंबर २६